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Cindy Gallop phptographed by Kevin Abosch

IfWeRanTheWorld is a New York City-based, global website that poses users the question: What would you do if you ran the world? Visitors to the site can enter what they would do, see what other users have to say or have done to help achieve that goal, and pick up or generate microactions to, cumulatively and collectively, make real change happen.

The single biggest pool of untapped natural resource in this world, is human good intentions that never translate into action. IfWeRanTheWorld is designed to turn good intentions into shared action that produces tangible results through microactions (the atomic unit of IWRTW in the same way that the tweet is the atomic unit of Twitter). For instance, if a user wants more bike racks in their area they can search: ?If I Ran The World: I would have more bike racks in *insert area*.? This search will take them to other users who have searched a similar issue and provide tools to help them connect. The search will also let them see what other users have actually done to fix this problem and if they need any help from someone else. With one simple search two or more people are united for a common cause. The site also harnesses the power of individuals? networks. For instance, if a user happens to know someone on the city council who has influence in getting more bike racks, they can refer them to this page, connect them with the people who want the bike racks and ask them to pick up a simple microaction that is fully in their power to do.

Broadband Internet is known for making long distances shorter, but it also makes local interaction more efficient. Through sites like IfWeRanTheWorld, people are able to connect in the real world on a local level. The site is a congregating place for people who want to affect change, and through it they are able to increase the public good in their local communities.

IfWeRanTheWorld is a for-profit venture whose business model is driven by brands and businesses – because corporate good intentions need a quick, simple, easy way to turn into action too. IfWeRanTheWorld helps brands activate marketing campaigns to move beyond co-creation – where they invite their consumers to create content and share it – to co-action, where brands and consumers microact together to create impact in the real world that benefits consumers, benefits society and benefits the brand and its business. IfWeRanTheWorld believes the business model of the future is Shared Values + Shared Action = Shared Profit (Financial & Social), and the marketing of the future is Action Branding – self-identifying and self-expressing as, ‘I am what I do.’