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Christina Moazed

ApproStar (@ApproStar) is a New York City-based marketing firm that specializes in the promotion of mobile apps for developers, brands, organizations and advertisers.

Using ApproStar is almost like hiring a publicist for an app. Their mission is to take an app and put it on the top of the App Store, where it will be viewed by thousands of potential users/customers daily. To achieve this goal, they help their clients craft an efficient budget that will promote their app and achieve long-term user loyalty.

Comprehensive marketing and publicizing of products is nothing new. However, marketing and publicizing an app is. Apps for mobile devices have become established as legitimate sources for income to developers. With this popularity has come an influx of apps that makes it harder to sift through them all and find the one that?s best for you and your needs. ApproStar is taking a lead role as a technology partner and educator for mobile marketing worldwide in the new, broadband-powered mobile market.