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Millions of people in the U.S. are digitally illiterate. TRAIL is trying to change this daunting statistic with their app, JobScout. With some initial funding and support from the California State Library, TRAIL developed JobScout to help people learn the basics of digital literacy and how to more efficiently search for a job. Based in California, where the unemployment rate is 9.8%, TRAIL?s platform has activities that teach how to build a resume, find temporary work while looking for full time employment and how to locate jobs that match a person?s skill set. TRAIL?s second app HealthScout, set to launch in 2013, helps people learn the everyday habits, skills and tools to manage their health and wellness.

The world is becoming more and more digital by the day. Digital literacy is integral to more and more aspects of everyday life. In our modern economy having 60 million digitally illiterate people lowers economic efficiency and slows growth. TRAIL is trying to change that with JobScout. Their forthcoming HealthScout will target the problems of obesity in the U.S. and help slow rising health costs while improving quality of life for users.

With modern technology people are able to learn important lifelong skills in a fun and interesting way. The interactive nature of TRAIL?s apps will drive people to continue using the platforms with goals that are designed to improve their lives. The benefits to society and the economy are great while users are engaged in fun, interactive games and lessons.