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Based in Mountain View, California, Nebula (@NebulaInc) wants all businesses to be able to easily, securely, and inexpensively operate large scale computing infrastructures. To achieve that goal, Nebula, recently launched the Nebula One system – the world’s first cloud computer, enabling any business to build a private computing cloud from racks of industry-standard servers.

Cloud solutions have historically relied on public cloud services, or else on buying and integrating expensive, proprietary hardware and software. Additionally, they required users to expend hours of work to maintain and operate their computing system. Thanks to the Nebula One system, companies can now take advantage of a private cloud that operates with public cloud scale and efficiency, enabling world-class performance, while still maintaining the security that comes from running behind the enterprise firewall.

The move to cloud computing, brought on by the expansion of high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet, has freed company resources from the financial and intellectual constraints of the past. Now, companies like Nebula with their Nebula One system are enabling businesses, regardless of their size, to benefit from cloud computing – a concept that is only possible through the availability of broadband Internet.