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ThoughtPuzzle (ThoughtPuzzle) is an Omaha, NE-based consulting group that helps companies build apps, develop strategy and educate entrepreneurs. Some examples of their services, which have been featured on NPR and in TEDx, include leading strategic retreats, developing data analysis apps, and facilitating technology innovation via events such as open data and startup weekend conferences.

The firm, founded by Dr. Chris Augeri (@aghilmort), offers e-learning tools and content as well as site seminars, and can build apps such as InfoDiver, which dives into data to explore emotions, travel through time, check a person?s well-being and test-drive web search filters. Two of their most recent products are Awesome is Possible, a personal growth site, and Fishing Like Geeks to help folks get more out of Google.

With the explosion of data collection in almost every category you can think of, firms such as ThoughtPuzzle, have become very useful and necessary to helping organizations sift through the numbers to find strategies and solve problems. For that reason, their team is currently concentrating on developing mobile apps.