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Chip Kohrman

Chip Kohrman is an employment search site based in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in sharing telecommuting job opportunities where employees can work from home.

The founder of Telesaur, Chip Kohrman, believes that office buildings are not the only place where employees can be productive. Telesaur?s simple layout allows for postings by perspective teleworkers, tele-employers and even freelancers. Job-seekers and employers are able to ?star? certain jobs or job-seekers they like. In addition, ?tagging? profiles and posts allows job-seekers and employers to search specific criteria. Telesaur deletes job postings after two weeks, to ensure that job seekers will only find recent postings relevant to their current search.

With the recent increase in video conference and file-sharing technology, more and more work will be accomplished outside the office walls. High-speed Internet and broadband enables Telesaur to meet the demands of employers who want to run a business without an office, and of job-seekers who want to work for a company outside their area.