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The Indiana Rural Health Association is a not-for-profit corporation focused on improving the health of all Indiana citizens in rural settings. A particular priority of the organization is expanding access to telemedicine, which uses modern telecommunication and Internet technologies to provide healthcare without patients and doctors needing to be in the same location.

People from rural areas have historically had to travel long distances to obtain specialized healthcare services. Now patients are able to access specialists remotely via the Internet at a local doctor?s office ? as long as adequate broadband is available. Along with saving the patient time, telemedicine generates laboratory and radiology revenue for local healthcare providers, further benefitting rural communities that often lose out on this revenue to big cities.

Telemedicine, enabled by high-speed broadband Internet, has been a game changer for the healthcare community. Today, healthcare providers, regardless of where they are located, can consult with specialists, monitor patients and transmit and receive very large files such as MRIs quickly.