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Mobile payment applications powered by high-speed Internet access, like Paypal and Square, have completely transformed the way small and on-the-move retailers are able to do business. Shopventory, based in San Diego, has expanded on this idea and built a cloud-based inventory management system that helps small business owners make data-driven decisions to better manage their products and profit.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Bach Le built Shopventory originally as a tool to help his wife solve her inventory problems and better manage her mobile payment information. He soon realized that other businesses could benefit from the system he devised, and ended up partnering with Paypal and Square to come up with Shopventory. Besides inventory management that automatically syncs with Square or PayPal in order to track every sale, the platform offers sales trend analysis, stock usage alerts and reorder recommendations, as well as access to business intelligence reports, forecasting tools, and user-friendly graphs and reports.

Broadband Internet, wi-fi access and mobile technology are essential to Shopventory?s business plan and goals. Besides tracking mobile payments, the inventory-alert system works with cloud-based data to send clients essential alerts that allow them to re-stock important goods. Up-to-the-minute, auto-syncing cloud technology also allows clients to access all of their business?s important data at work, at home or on the go.