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Fitly (@FitlyFamily) is a mobile/web app that combines personalized meal planning, healthy recipes and free home delivery of fresh ingredients into one easy-to-use platform. The company was founded by Anthony Ortiz, a concerned parent, who aims to make healthy eating more simple, convenient and affordable for everyone.

Fitly offers a weekly healthy meal planner that answers the question ?what?s for dinner tonight??

The idea is simple: enter your dietary preferences from your smartphone or laptop, select personalized dinner, lunch or breakfast recipes, then sit back and relax as Fitly delivers the ingredients with simple recipes right to your door. They offer same day delivery and delivery is always free.

The ordering process takes less than 5 minutes as oppose to the hour and half it takes most households to do their traditional weekly grocery shopping. Even more, most of their meals average only $6 per person per meal and can be prepared in as little as 10 minutes. Each recipe is also thoroughly examined by a chef/registered dietitian to ensure it is in line with the latest evidence-based food science.

The epidemic of obesity, diabetes & heart disease inspired Anthony to help people that were ?at risk? or simply needed a smarter way to eat healthy.

Fitly?s technology wouldn?t be possible without easy access to broadband Internet and the rise of smartphone apps. Now, meal planning and shopping for healthy ingredients are as easy as pressing a few buttons on your laptop or smartphone.