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Angie Gallagher?s Fitness with Angie (@fitness_w_angie) is dedicated to bringing physical fitness to her clients through personal training, connecting with clients online or in-person from her West Des Moines studio.

Personal training is critical to ensuring a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, and Angie has dedicated her career to the success of her clients. Thanks to the rise of and growing use of broadband technology, Angie has been able to bring her personal training sessions online, reaching former clients in Idaho, on the road, or even South America. Now, Angie?s clients are able to enjoy virtual training sessions from their privacy of their home, their office, or anywhere with an internet connection.

The rise of personal training has grown in speed in recent years, but virtual training is a recent phenomenon. In an era of frantic schedules, job changes, and families moving, online virtual fitness training offers the flexibility necessary for today?s hectic lifestyle.