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Andy Kallenbach

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FormZapper (@FormZapper) is a user-centric software company based in Kansas City, Missouri, that develops products to solve businesses’ workflow needs. The company stands out among others in the industry because it focuses on generating documents from collected data, rather than through scans or imaging systems, thereby greatly increasing efficiency for clients.

CEO/CTO Andy Kallenbach spent 18 years in the insurance industry automating insurance documents and learning how to best improve workflow processes. On a daily basis, he dealt with businesses overrun with large amounts of paper. Andy came away from these experiences with the realization that many businesses have a need that isn?t being met by pre-existing workflow management systems. Software that requires companies to scan or image their documents doesn?t eliminate the need for paper, or increase efficiency. From this realization, the idea of FormZapper first materialized.

FormZapper?s initial product, LeadingStandard, is a software solution for commercial lending. LeadingStandard is a comprehensive web-based software that streamlines all front-end processes of the commercial loan application to get lenders to close sooner ? eliminating piles and piles of paper in the process.
By collecting data first, FormZapper?s products eliminate paperwork redundancies and increase businesses? efficiency. This process is enhanced by high-speed broadband Internet, which FormZapper uses to quickly implement product changes and better serve customers. Innovations like these are powering the American tech economy.