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As an aspiring entrepreneur in Harvard?s MBA program, Andres Fabris hit upon a unique technology idea that would solve two of his biggest problems at once: how to keep track of all his disparate itinerary details when traveling, and how to connect with his friends who happened to be in the same place he was on those trips. The idea soon became Traxo (@traxo), a company based in Dallas, TX, that evolved into a website and app that hosts users? virtual travel wallets and network of fellow travelers. The automatic system organizes and manages all of your trip details, and alerts you to friends who will be in the same area at the same time.

Travel has benefited greatly from the expansion of high-speed broadband Internet. It?s now much easier for consumers to shop around for flights and hotel rooms, as well as book with one click of a button. However, that ease also comes with some hassle when you have to deal with an itinerary made up of legs booked on different sites, or have no way of keeping up with your different rewards and points. Traxo?s sophisticated technology makes it fast and easy for members to plan, share and make the most of their trips.

In addition to syncing your travel bookings and information from over 200 sites into one convenient itinerary, Traxo easily tracks frequent flier miles and rewards points so travelers can proactively manage loyalty status and avoid losing points to expiration. Join the community and share your own experiences, or gain insight from other expert travelers. You can also rack up points and perks on Traxo?s own Travel Score system.