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Silicon Valley Latino?s (@SVLatino) mission is to educate, inspire and engage the Latino community through digital media platforms, technology and events.

The company?s website presents a wide range of media that is specifically tailored to the Latino community. The start-up covers music, travel, fashion, technology and has recently launched a shopping portal. SVL also highlights the ?rising stars? of Silicon Valley. For instance, they wrote a profile on Moody House, a carefully constructed green home in California. SVL allows visitors to the site to sign up and become a member of the comunidad, which lets them comment on different stories and posts.

Silicon Valley Latino is a primarily a San Francisco Bay Area Latino community that exists predominately online however it produces high engagement offline events where its audience and corporate partners participate in relevant engagement activities. The wide-ranging topics it covers ensure its appeal among a wide sector of the Latino population. It has taken the comunidad and put in a computer screen through its various online platforms.