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Alex Hendershott


Alex Hendershott pitched the idea for an online peer-to-peer self-storage network at Pittsburgh Startup Weekend in April 2013. After his 60-second pitch, 11 people agreed to work with him on the idea, and 54 hours later, the team had produced a business model, brand identity and pitch deck. Fast forward to the present and Alex?s idea is an actual registered corporation, called Spacefinity, Inc. (@spacefinity).

Spacefinity offers solutions for both renters (people who need space) and spacelords (people who have extra room they are willing to share). Through the site, both types of users can list, discover and reserve self-storage space in garages, basements, empty lots and even airplane hangars. The space can be used for storage, work space or even to exhibit artwork. Currently there are over 70 spaces listed and the company is looking to have over 100 spacelords in the next two months.

Ideas like Spacefinity?s are evolutions from the classified section of newspapers. Because of broadband Internet, these companies are able to reach wider audiences who have a specific need, and can do so cheaper than the old hardcopies of classifieds. Sites like Craigslist, Freecycle, and now Spacefinity, directly connect sellers to consumers ? making our economy more efficient and our lives simpler.