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ClusterFlunk FINAL

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, ClusterFlunk.com (@ClusterFlunk) allows college students to study with other classmates online ? without the restrictions of needing to be in the same location or having to know each other before hand.

College lecture halls can be a difficult place to connect with fellow students. With more than 300 people in a classroom, a student would be lucky if they knew the five to ten people who sit in their immediate vicinity. But thanks to ClusterFlunk, students no longer have to worry about being part of the right study group. Instead, they can easily access the brainpower and knowledge of the entire class ? leading to better test scores and better understanding of the course materials.

Innovations like ClusterFlunk show just how far broadband Internet has come in breaking down the barriers faced by past generations. Thanks to broadband access across the country, students can now study with each other from their dorm room, at home during a weekend visiting their parents, or anywhere with an Internet connection.