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Online dating has been around since the dawn of the Internet, but thanks to the Brooklyn, NY based HowAboutWe (@howaboutwe), you can now meet someone online and immediately know if he or she likes the same kind of activities as you. Their very cool premise is that online dating should help get you offline faster, and into meeting new people. With HowAboutWe, those in search of a date can propose an activity, such as ?How about we get some sangria and exchange travel stories? or ?How about we drink hot cocoa by a fire.? When someone who also wants to go on this specific date sees the post, they can message the original dater and make plans.

Aaron Schildkrout (who oversees product development and engineering strategy) and Brian Schechter (who oversees marketing and business development) co-founded the company in 2009, with the goal of creating a new way for people to fall in love and stay in love. Besides the online dating site, the HowAboutWe editorial team also writes a blog chronicling the trials and tribulations of dating in today?s always-connected world called ?The Date Report.? There’s HowAboutWe for Couples, where the team hand-picks the finest local dates — from off-the-beaten-path gems to tried-and-true classics — and offers them to members, along with exclusive rewards, concierge service and one free date every month.

Dating sites used to be very simple, but with broadband Internet companies can provide more pictures, personalized services and better online tools for finding love. HowAboutWe takes this one step further by getting people offline and into the real world quickly. Therefore, high-speed broadband connections are a key ingredient for their business to succeed and thrive.